Wednesday, November 4, 2009

9 to 5

i like my job, it's true. i get to play baby games all day and sit outside watching cars go by.

sometimes, like today, though... i get tired of being stuck here. and when i say 9 to 5, i really mean 7:45 to 5. nothing like a 9.25 hour day to really crush the spirit, you know? i want to make things all the time, but i don't have the energy after my job, when i get home. all i feel like doing it putting on some sweat pants and crawling into bed, like a real mommy.

i think i need to get a grip! she's not my child. this is not my housework, or my cooking. even so, it is my job, and for these 9 and some hours, i can't just be a single girl with a tiny apartment and no laundry to do.

BUT I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS AND I MIGHT POP... if i don't make something soon.

art school, in general, was a waste of time, but it did allow me to make things on a regular basis, and thus avoid going crazy, like THIS.

i can't wait till the wedding's over and we're in the caribbean sliding down a water slide over and over and sleeping all day and walking around when it's quiet at sea, in the middle of the night.