Wednesday, June 1, 2011

danger... crafts.

first, i would like to say that while being pregnant is a magical time and whatnot, i really feel more like a ticking timebomb and i find myself trying to do everything i've ever wanted to do "before the baby's born". which is fast approaching... in september. sadly, i've not accomplished much on my list, because being pregnant is really time consuming: after i account for all that time spent at the doctor, i have to figure out a way to pay for all the doctors, which means more working, and then after all that working, i'm so tired i need a nap and another snack... so that leaves about 14 minutes per day to pursue my dreams. ;)

of course, lately, as always, my dreams have revolved around all the knitting i want to do in my life. sweaters i want to make for andrew and for me, plus my little boy, plus presents for other people, and decorations for my apartment. i've really had to tone down my knitting goals, because while knitting is certainly a satisfying craft, it's not quick.

anyway, i have been really obsessed with this collection of knitting patterns. i want them all. i want to knit the whole collection. rebecca danger is probably my knitting hero.

because how cute is that?

at once point, in my effort to crazily avoid the $6 pattern price (which i realize is very cheap of me.... and this woman writes her patterns to help support her family, which i am all about... let's blame the pregnancy for my petty penny pinching) i thought to myself, "maybe i can figure out how to knit that without the pattern." WHICH IS SILLY. maybe if it was crochet, i could figure it out, but knitting is like a mysterious beast that will not just reveal its secrets via picture. in the case of a knitting pattern, a picture is not worth a thousand words, because a picture cannot teach you how to recreate the adorable stuffed animal.

i know one day soon, i will purchase a pattern from this shop and i will happily begin knitting 1000 stuffed monsters for everyone i know. so until then, i'm just trying to decide which one i want.

looks like my 14 minutes are up.