Sunday, August 22, 2010

me and my loves.

things i've really liked lately, in no order:

- plain yogurt with strawberries.
- ryan seacrest (i probably confess my love for him once a day. in a completely friend like way.... like, "pleeeeaaaze be my best friend!")
- trains. DUH. (it's my dream to go on a train vacation all over america with andrew, my family, and ryan seacrest and possibly his radio show too)
- watching every episode of stargate sg-1 with andrew (because atlantis and universe are SOO not awesome.)
- phillip defranco's puppies.
- chris harrison and bachelor pad. (HAHAHA!!! also, chris harrison and ryan seacrest are bffs.)
- slothing around on my last day before returning to work. (tomorrow, yay! paying bills, yay!)

the baby sweater.

oh, cool. armpit shot.

i've only finished one sleeve, and i've yet to tie off the ends, but I CAN TELL IT WILL BE CUTE.

sometimes i compare myself to others, and i get caught thinking i'm better than them in life,and i convince myself that things are okay because i'm better than so-and-so, who is so stupid and it's all her fault, blahblahblah. but, here's the thing: sometimes, things don't go my way, and i have to remember that even though it seems like my enemies are getting everything they want, and i'm losing everything, really, god is in control, and he is full of justice, and i'm no better than anyone else, and also, it's not a competition, and there's not really winning and losing.

so to god be all the glory and may i be as nothing.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

i was going to type something long and stupid. then i typed it. then i read it and thought about it and realized that i'm a huge, ungrateful jerk.

so i erased it.

but you should all know: i'm an ungrateful jerk.

part of it was about how much i don't like alabama. that part, i feel, is still relevant.

Monday, August 2, 2010

a lot of things in my life have been transitioning lately. there's the move to alabama from georgia (still convinced that georgia is a superior state, even after a year here. what can i say... i'm a snob). then there's my wedding and subsequent marriage. (which is wonderful, but still a change) not to mention my brother growing up along with me and the hard transition of being his big sister through that. oh, and my job situation.

the truth is just that things have been changing in my life for at least a year. so, this most recent change, while it came as a little shock, really isn't unusual.

our church is ending, and we are all moving on from the ashes of what i am sure used to be a vibrant community, though to me, it was a simple blessing from god in the form of friendships in a place i didn't really want to live. i mean, that was an issue by itself, because i know god called me to move here and be with andrew, but let's be honest, once i got here, i whined. through all that whininess, i did have the hope of new friendships to look forward to, and while i wish i could say that it cured my whining, it didn't. haha, i kept whining, but those friendships are wonderful, and i can at least say that i don't hate it here anymore. (georgia is still better... i will go to my grave believing in its superiority!)

anyway, things are changing, and while change is sometimes something i don't relish, i think that the changes in my life right now are good. i know that the lord is good, and that there is a season for everything, and the season for our little church was ending when we came to it, so i feel blessed to have walked there for a little while.