Thursday, December 31, 2009

when i didn't do anything.

i'm supposed to be making a birthday card for my mama, whose birthday was yesterday, but instead i'm procrastinating, and thinking about my life, my apartment, my brother, my lunch plans...

my wedding ring has given me the worst rash, and in fact, i think i could probably go without a ring, with the same effect, because of this rash. instead of gold and shiny, i have red and inflamed! BEHOLD, with much hilarity, my wedding ring:

well, i think it's funny anyway.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my yarn pile.

i'm so excited lately, because i have so much yarn. check out my favorite new project:

yes, that is 5 balls of wool-ease and 3 skeins of homespun. and.... THESE:

size 50 knitting needles. i'm trying really hard not to laugh diabolically, because i feel so crazy with all the yarn and these big needles. today, while rocking the baby to sleep, i thought and thought and thought ... about yarn, and what i'm going to make with all the yarn my husband and my parents gave me for christmas. i should always ask for yarn for presents. yarn, or a gift card to a yarn store.

one day soon, i hope i can sell my knitted things for a small profit and think less about keeping my full time job. my heart really is wrapped up in this idea that i could make things and sell them and maybe only have to work outside my home part time.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

groundhogs and the big city.

sometimes in the winter, i wish i lived somewhere urban, in the north, where the cold matters because we all walk everywhere and we have a mass transit system that works. here in the birmingham, the buses run empty all the time, wasting money that the county doesn't have, and people whine about how it's so cold even though it's 45 degrees and they're climbing into their land rover, pulling out of their heated garage.

but, i know i don't really want the big city life, in some old city up north. i like trees, and wide open spaces, and beaches, and quiet. and i love summer.

i just get a little jealous when i see all these craft blogs like this. that's not all. there are more. all based in some cooler city like new york, seattle, baltimore, or boston. i think i once saw a craft blog from atlanta. and it's not like i blame them, because here, it's too hot most of the year to sit inside and make things, and also, in case you haven't noticed, birmingham is a really boring city. i've heard people complain about how boring atlanta is and how it sucks, but clearly, they've never experienced all birmingham has to offer. ha ha.

at any rate, here i am, in this little city, minus a craft blog. one day maybe i'll go north and see if i like it. i suspect i'll be the like the curious ground hog, sticking my nose up and out, only to run back to my familiar and warm little home.