Sunday, March 28, 2010

nobody wants to eat, and i promise i own a camera.

1. lady gaga. she goes out of her way to be weird, and i'm not sure i consider it art. however, i still laugh out loud (i still always contemplate just typing "lol" hm) every time i hear "bad romance" because of this. i'm not sure what that says about me. probably that i don't have children yet and haven't reached the point where saying "bad words" is offensive.

2. yesterday, while i was at the grocery store, i was thinking about where i was a year ago, and how much my life has changed. this time last year, i was at college, planning my final art show, frantically developing photos, spending every night in the dark room or the mac lab. i lived with one of my best friends, i worked a few jobs, and i had a whole life in that little town. my teachers all encouraged me to go somewhere with my art - get noticed and become an artist. now that i've had a year to step back and look at art in my life, i realize that enjoy making art for classes, and for gifts, but i really don't enjoy art for its own sake. sometimes i miss making things that speak for themselves to the glory of god, but now i'm thinking that maybe i still do make those things - just on a smaller scale.

maybe not. that's a question: can knitted blankets and scarves be for the glory of god, or are they just a piece of fabric that took way too long to make?

whenever i miss making art, though, i very quickly remember that i don't have the tools anymore, since i left college. the tools are expensive and i'll probably never have them again. so, i'll have to make different art. because it's true, i have to make something.

3. vacuum cleaners. i got a new vacuum cleaner, and i honestly vacuumed our one rug for 10 minutes yesterday, out of sheer joy. it works so well! we're moving to an apartment with carpet, so our previous vacuum that just usually blew dirt around the room was not going to cut it. we got a kenmore canister vacuum - you know, the kind where you have to drag the vacuum around behind you like a disobedient dog on a leash? it's the kind my mom had (and my bff leah's mom) and we kids always hated it and begged for an upright, but looking back, my mother has had 2 vacuums in her entire life, and they've both been these kind. so i decided that i didn't want to buy a new vacuum 2 years from now, so i'd go for the errant dog style one.

4. maybe i'm not a domestic failure.

5. i started making my little clutches to sell on etsy. they're super stylish and fun. i hope they sell.

yeah, i know, i do own a real camera. but let's be honest: i have no real photo editing software, and this is just easier. it's 6 steps faster.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

this turned out to be a complete waste of time.

i know i was a photography major in college, and there's never an excuse for using my photobooth camera when i could use my good camera, but sometimes my laziness overwhelms me. this is version 3.0 of my spring baby blanket. it's pretty much my favorite, and i'm starting to wonder if i'll ever knit a different baby blanket.

i tried to write something thoughtful, but right next to me, andrew and laura are having a yelling conversation with sue on the speaker phone, so that turned out to be a failure, and now i can't type anything.

this day just gets more and more ridiculous.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

so much yarn, as usual.

my brother came to visit and i have three things to say (or at least, i think i do, but we'll see how many i end up with):

1) that photo is a shot of daniel and andrew playing farmville together, in a family tradition of one person playing a computer game and another person watching. yes, it's a real tradition.

2) we visited a birmingham icon today, and i always marvel at the majesty of the exposed cheeks. (search vulcan, birmingham alabama on google images, and see what i mean.)

3) we just saw "up in the air", and despite my political differences with george clooney, i remain a strong believer in his ability to carry a movie. just his hair might be enough for me. but seriously, the movie was a bit depressing, but unlike most depressing movies, it ends with a hopeful air, and that's what i liked about it, because that's life. hope never dies, even when you wake up and realize you've been doing it wrong all this time.

well, that's all for now. i bought so much yarn today, and i love that my etsy store financed all of it.