Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my yarn pile.

i'm so excited lately, because i have so much yarn. check out my favorite new project:

yes, that is 5 balls of wool-ease and 3 skeins of homespun. and.... THESE:

size 50 knitting needles. i'm trying really hard not to laugh diabolically, because i feel so crazy with all the yarn and these big needles. today, while rocking the baby to sleep, i thought and thought and thought ... about yarn, and what i'm going to make with all the yarn my husband and my parents gave me for christmas. i should always ask for yarn for presents. yarn, or a gift card to a yarn store.

one day soon, i hope i can sell my knitted things for a small profit and think less about keeping my full time job. my heart really is wrapped up in this idea that i could make things and sell them and maybe only have to work outside my home part time.

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