Friday, June 25, 2010

possibly inappropriate.

well, 2 days ago, i turned in my resignation from my job.

now, you may be thinking, "lindsay, WHY? you had a great job and the job market sucks! how stupid are you??" well, i'm pretty stupid sometimes, but this is not one of those times. here's how i know. i was praying about quitting, for like... months (very long story, probably inappropriate for the world wide web.) and then, i reached a turning point, and god just said, "i will provide. trust me." so, i took the plunge. into unemployment.

scary, right?

well, yes.

but, god is faithful! and i am learning how great it is to trust him, because... he does provide! if i hadn't trusted him to provide for us, i would still be back there, wondering if i was ever going to have a different job, instead of here, where i am, looking at the possibilities for my future and being so excited about all the things i can choose to do. it eventually came down to this choice: "lindsay, you can either keep working there because you think you can't leave for whatever reason (money, job security, etc) or you can leave, be happy, and trust me to provide for you."

after some days (okay weeks) of wrestling with that, i came to the point where i felt like there really was no choice. it was trust god, or nothing. i always have had to be that girl to wait until i'm pushed into a corner before i'll trust someone. it's a problem. good thing god has never-ending grace he gives me even though i'm all, "HAHAHAHAHA I CAN DO IT MYSELF!!!" and he's all, "oh man, here we go again."

anyway, god is good, and instead of oozing down into a tunnel of depression, i am actually really excited to see what happens next. i have no idea what will happen, and maybe 3 weeks from now i'm gonna be panicking, but right now, god's power and peace are just overwhelming me. he is good!

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  1. Way to make me crazy curious about why you quit!! :D Adam and I can't wait to hear about the new adventures that are sure to come your way soon! Love, from New Orleans (we're here now, by the way... :D)