Saturday, April 24, 2010

yes, i know the words are backwards, but as you can see, i've once again forsaken my wonderful, professional camera for my isight. i'm lazy.

so this is what we did today. getting excited to move. we'll have rooms!! let me count the rooms. dining room. kitchen. bedroom. ANOTHER BEDROOM. bathroom. living room. PATIO!! we are still giddy over it. moving day is next saturday.

after that, we sat on our bed/dinner table/couch/coffee table. (THE JOYS OF ONE ROOM LIVING!) and watched the entire first season of "friends". and at chees-its.

that's me. and that's andrew. gosh, my hair. <--- my thought before i fixed it. after my genius editing, now i'm thinking, i'm looking FABULOUS!!! i have to admit, i was very inspired by this blog: hyperbole and a half. she is hah-larious.


  1. Haha! I like your editing.
    And I know - isn't Hyperbole And A Half like, the most HILARIOUS blog EVER? Did you read her post about being sick? lol!

    I'm excited for you guys' new apartment - I hope you take pics so I don't have to wait until I visit you to see it (not-so-subtle-hint). :)

  2. Yay for apartments with one room!
    Oh wait. I meant: Yay for apartments with MORE than one room!
    (we're in a one-room. I want 2 men to come to MY door with a truck...)
    And I think your hair looks Mahvelous, dahling.
    And thank you for Hyperbole and a Half - I have been giggling in a very unseemly, un-teacherly fashion all morning, while my students slog through mid-term tests. (So evil!)