Saturday, April 10, 2010

wishing for a wall to pin some photos to.

some things i've thought about recently:

1) i miss taking pictures of things that i think are beautiful, and i miss discussing these pictures with other people who have different ideas about beauty. i should take pictures again, so i don't miss it anymore.
2) people can get really worked up over something as trivial as a parking spot. really, world? REALLY?


3) the only appropriate uses of the expression "mmmmm" is about food and sex. and if you're not talking about food and you use this expression, everyone is assuming that you're trying to charge your words with sexual energy. example: "mmmmm crayons...." or "mmmmm i love watching bill o'reilly...."

that's really all for me today, as far as words go. here's some pictures from this evening.

ps. i hope everyone has noticed that i didn't once mention knitting in this entire post. except for now, but this doesn't count, because it's a ps.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha! Are you trying to cut back on knitting comments? :) I enjoy hearing about your knitting - it is impressive and inspirational.

    I especially like the green, leafy photo.

    And you.