Sunday, July 18, 2010

better than the real thing.

just realized i tagged "reative energy" in my last post. not sure what that means, but what i meant was "creative energy". i am feeling pretty reative lately though. bet you wish you were as reative as me.

i've been toying with this idea i have of making a blog where i say all the things i think, with not much of a filter as far as content goes, but i think that could quickly spiral out of control as far my learning how not to shove my foot in my throat. in other words, i think i would soon begin to become my online persona that says things with no regard to others feelings, and i think that's bad.

however, i like the idea of having a blog where my identity is obscured and i can say things with no regard to who reads them. which, of course, means that if you wanted to read this new blog i make, you'd have to happen to stumble upon it, because i won't post it here.

but since i'm thinking of leaving you with no return address, i hope you'll console yourselves with THIS. just close your eyes and think about how much better these guys are than the real thing.

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