Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i went to the beach at panama city with amy and ashley, two of my favorite college friends and it was awesome. drove through the back roads of alabama and saw the sights. wish i had pictures of some of the rich culture here in the great state of alabama, beginning with a sign on the interstate that said:

Go To Church Or

.....and ending with a brewthru in panama city beach. yes, you heard me, a brewthru. that's a drive thru liquor store.

anyway, those were hardly the highlights of the trip, because the beach was so great. but i mostly just did nothing and knitted. the hotel was wonderful, although we did have some jokes about the huge amount of feathers floating in the the pool, in addition to a few empty cans of natural light, the world's most disgusting beer.

so, now i'm home, embattled in a war against energy loss in my apartment. i think i am winning this week, but there's no telling. i've been sewing a lot, with my new-to-me sewing machine, which i got at a yard sale for $5.

yes, it is a singer sewing machine. in perfect working order. just needed some oil and grease. i was really beside myself with glee when i bought it. i'm pretty sure andrew had to hold me down just so i didn't float away on a cloud of my own joy.

well, until another day, when i get around to blogging again. (because, let's face it, blogging isn't a serious hobby of mine.)

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