Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ke$ha and dental hygiene

my husband bought me the 120 box of crayons as a surprise last weekend, and i've been busy coloring all week. i started out with a page from a curious george coloring book that i'm not quite sure why i own, and now i'm working on an all out crayon piece of art. or at least, a picture that i'm drawing with only crayons and a pencil. whether or not it is art is something for another generation of art school students to deliberate about. i spent 4 years at art school wrestling with "what is art?" and graduated still uncertain, and i think that was my teachers' goal. HMPH.

anyway, it's fall here, FINALLY. i'm taking to my blog to echo the words of every other blogger east of the mississippi and say "THANK YOU LORD." meanwhile, the west coast bloggers are complaining about their ONE DAY of record heat. to them i have only this to say: welcome to every day of summer in alabama.

i've reached a sad truth in my head. i mean, i have decided that no one reads this blog. in fact, if i were you, i wouldn't read it either, HAH!

things you should probably doing instead of reading this:
1. brushing your teeth (me too. i think i have a cavity.)
2. eating a banana. (POTASSIUM, Y'ALL)
3. listening to any song by ke$ha. (Go. Now. srsly, that girl is wearing nasty boots in every one of her videos.)
4. picking out your clothes for tomorrow. (who does that? really, how old are you?)

so, go ahead and choose a couple of those to fill your time. i'll still be here talking to myself when you get back, because i've already done all those things, including choosing my clothes for tomorow while listening to all of ke$ha's "songs". yes, that's right, tomorrow, i will be making an appearance at the carpool line wearing boots i found in a trashcan at a public restroom and some denim from the early 90's.


  1. No one really reads my blog, either.
    I read your blog.
    And... I hope you cleaned those boots really well, lol.

  2. Hey, we should start a club! Because no one reads my blog either!! :D But I read your blog, Lindsay, because everything you write makes me smile, or think, or laugh, or all of the above. Probably mostly because I love you, though. I already brushed my teeth this morning, so all that's left is finding a banana, clothes for tomorrow, and Ke$ha on youtube. <3