Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i feel so cozy in my little apartment today, cup of tea nearby, knitting covering my feet, and the first blusters of winter outside the windows. nevermind the fact that i still haven't turned on the heat, and it's probably only about 55 outside. it's cloudy and cold, and that's winter.

i've been slowly but surely making myself comfortable in our new apartment, since we moved in april, and i feel like it's really becoming home now. photos and paintings are on the walls, there are enough chairs for everyone to sit in, i have a teapot on the stove, and an idea about where to put the christmas tree in a few weeks. i like it here, even if, truthfully, it's not a very nice apartment. haha! from the outside, our complex looks kind of like a dump. but on the inside, it's homey and i like it, and i think that's what really matters. i've never been a real appearance-driven sort of person, obviously.

anyway, just a little note to say that maybe birmingham could be a happy home for me someday soon, starting in the little corners of my apartment.

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  1. I like this. :) It made me feel cozy and warm to read it. I bet your apt is very cute and cozy - I still wanna come visit you! Glad you're happy there :).