Friday, January 14, 2011

go take a nap, OBVIOUSLy.

hello again, faithful readers. let me correct myself: faithful reader, named anna. ha ha. the fact that i have no faithful readers is really a dilemma of my own making:

1. i hardly ever write a blog post. this is because once i discovered that it really is hard to become a "popular blogger" or to be an "awesome blogger", possibly "top 40", i gave up, in typical perfectionist/defeatist fashion. "if i can't do it BEST or PERFECTLY, i just won't do it at all. forget trytrytrytry again. i'm going to go do something i'm already awesome at!"
2. as far as i know, almost nobody that i actually know knows about this blog. i don't tell people. i rarely tweet about it. mostly, the fact that i don't tell my mom about it keeps the readers away, because if i told my mom about this blog, she would email all her friends and i'd have a faithful following of mom-stalkers. i'm not sure i can handle that, so i don't tell her. (this has nothing to do with how much i love my mom. I LOVE HER A LOT. i'm just afraid of her hoard of friends-over-40.)
3. this is most important of all: the things i write about are interesting to very few. also, there are not very many photos, which, from what i've gathered, is a big negative in the blogosphere. quite simply, my content could stand improvement.

Oh well. now that my flaws have been acknowledged, i'll move on.

christmas happened here in alabama.

i finished the largest and most complex blanket i've ever knit, as a gift to my husband. however, i finished it today, so it isn't really a christmas gift. and no, i don't have a picture. it's blue-green, and it's big, and it's the most magnificent blanket ever.. a picture is worth a thousand words, and also about 5 minutes of my time... but i'm really quite lazy. so use your imagination, because i'm sure you haven't used it enough today. i know i sure haven't.

speaking of being unimaginative, here's a list of what i did today:

1. ate cornflakes for breakfast. talk about boring.
2. went to work at the preschool and kept some babies. this consisted of changing diapers, wiping spit, arranging blocks, feeding bottles, shushing to sleep. i guess a couple of times i might have tickled played or otherwise engaged in an imaginative activity, for the sake of the babies and their development.
3. came home to eat a healthy and delicious lunch of cheese and crackers. and chocolate. again, unimaginative... all of those things start with "ch". except for crackers, obviously.
4. went to pick up the girls from school. (by the girls, i mean my nanny-girls) sat in carpool trying to figure out a knitting pattern. following a pattern is the furthest thing from imaginative. i didn't even try to deviate from the pattern, which is very unlike me.
5. back at the girls' house, i fed them a snack of nutrition bars and water, instead of our usual snack of fruit smoothies.
6. at this point, we went and sat in the car while both girls cried about going to the park. i considered not taking them to the park, but decided to stick to my guns and take them there, despite the tears, which were, in fact, unrelated to the park itself.
7. we played at the park. this was a brief interlude where i did use my imagination.
8. i brought them back home and left them there with their father, who probably engaged in all sorts of imaginative play with them, while i drove to the grocery store.
9. at the grocery store, i bought the things on my list. i deviated only for a bottle of tomato juice and 2 grapefruits. as far as i am concerned, these are the least imaginative of foods.
10. i came home and cooked dinner from a recipe. (see #4, regarding patterns)
11. i ate my dinner while watching tv, alone. (andrew was at work.) tv kills imagination.
12. i returned to knitting from a pattern.

this brings us to now. now i am about to go put on my pajamas and go to sleep. probably, when i sleep, i will use my imagination more than i have all day. moral of this story: if you really want to be imaginative, go take a nap, and forget trying to imagine what my blanket looks like. it's not really that great anyway.

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  1. I think I have to disagree about grapefruit not being imaginative. I mean, it's called "grape" fruit - and whoever named it that had a pretty big imagination, because grapefruit is neither purple nor grape-flavored. Nor is it even related to grapes! It's a citrus, duh.

    Also, grapefruit in French is Pamplemousse, which is a hilarious word. The French guy who came up with that was pretty imaginative, too.

    Also the group Pomplamoose (you introduced me to them! Thanks!), named after said fruit, is fabulously imaginative.

    Also, I feel famous because you mentioned me on your blog! Today, I made a sticker that said "Faithful reader of LIndsay's blog" and wore it on my shirt.