Monday, September 19, 2011

tut tut. looks like rain.

well, here we are... down to the wire of the baby due date. one week. i really want to just launch into labor right now - i'm getting a little impatient. not just due to the realities of being 30 pounds heavier and about that much more tired and hungry... but also, i just want to hold my son and be a baby pig and not share him with all the clamoring masses. (i imagine clamoring masses because i am a typical parent and i believe that everyone wants to hold my baby because clearly, he is the best baby ever born, and HOW COULD THEY NOT WANT THAT?)

all the clothes are washed, the floors are clean, i'm blocking my newly-finished knitting projects. quite simply, everything is finished and ready for micah's arrival. also, i am supposed to work late tomorrow, so it would be great if today was the day, so i can skip out on that. ha ha. no, i like my job. but really. if it's gonna happen this week, today or tomorrow would be great. not saturday or sunday.

oh, you know how babies do, though. micah's probably busy storing up some iron and taking all the calcium from my bones, waiting until october 1st to come on out. and i guess that's fine and all... if he needs the nutrients; what kind of mother would i be to withhold? well, anyway, i guess this post is really just to tell my readership (my mom, sister-in-law, and anna? HAH) that i haven't birthed my baby yet.

also, it's really windy here in alabama.

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  1. I want to hold Micah! I AM THE CLAMORING MASS!