Friday, July 29, 2011

those sparrows.

as the birth day gets closer and closer, i find myself feeling less and less in a hurry to get everything done. maybe i've realized that it's not the end of my life. haha! or maybe, i'm just getting lazier. either way, i've got 3 knitting projects in the works... 2 for baby and one for me. or maybe for someone else. there are a myriad of household chores i'd like to get done before the baby comes. but, as i'm sitting here, in the humid, but sort of pleasant, air-conditioning-free air inside our apartment i think i'm actually doing enough by just not having the air conditioning on yet. (it's 730, and still only 79 outside.... a july miracle!!)

i've just finished one of my ill-advised looks at our financial situation, and now i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

"so then, do not worry about what tomorrow will bring, for tomorrow will worry about itself. each day has enough trouble of its own."

there is never a time when that passage in matthew doesn't bring me to a place of humble acceptance and appreciation for today. i think that although jesus is saying that each day is its own trouble (hah!) he is also asking us to look at today: because at the root of worry is the fear that something bad is about to happen... and if we stop worrying about the piano that is maybe about to drop on our heads, we might find that today is beautiful.

today is beautiful. the fresh air flowing through our apartment. the last of the orange juice in my glass. hanging clothes on the line to dry. today, we have enough. it's friday. (tomorrow is saturday... thanks rebecca black.) "the borrowers aloft" in my library book basket. micah kicking and wiggling in my belly. today is the perfect amount of what we need, today.

tomorrow? well, tomorrow will worry about itself, because by tomorrow i'll being making a new list of why today is so beautiful.

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