Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LAZY SUNDAY. i mean wednesday.

since the days of summer are definitely in full swing, i thought i should document possibly my last lazy summer ever. (yes, yes, i admit, my attitude about "BIRTH DAY" is a little glass half-empty, the world is ending... sometimes.) with preschool only in session 2 days a week, and only 3 weeks a month in the summer, i have lots of extra time. i've decided that i will not try to become super woman and deep clean my apartment once a week. instead, i will laze about and knit. i've also become quite dedicated to drying all our clothes on our little clothes line in the back yard of our building. (the jury is still out on how our neighbors feel about this... they said it's fine, but .... you know, people tend to lie about stuff like that. at the very least, though, i do dry all our underpants in the dryer.)

me with my babies from the school year. all except one have now moved on. LOVE MY BABIES!

anyway, on today's agenda:
- hang out clothes to dry.
- go buy milk and bread. (our summer menu has been 80% sandwiches and 20% milk.)
- oh, and blueberries.
- possibly sweep the floors. but maybe not.
- knit.
- watch the O.C. yes, i know, i'm 24. but this is serious. i may never get to watch it again, since i firmly believe it's not appropriate for children.
- another thing i find inappropriate for children: "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" by Jeff Kinney. it's hilarious, yes, but that Greg kid, HE ALWAYS GETS AWAY WITH BEING SELFISH. it's a terrible example for kids. they should be reading quality books like "The Borrowers" (Mary Norton) or "The Boxcar Children" or "Hank the Cowdog". seriously, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" teaches kids that it's okay to lie and cheat as long as they don't get caught. All these other books, they teach that lying and cheating and otherwise being selfish is never okay, because it's not RIGHT. /end rant.
- at 3 pm, go to work for 4 hours. yes, i am living the life.

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  1. I haven't read the Wimpy Kid series, but I am with you 100% - even movies these days tend to focus on selfish, disobedient kids who don't see anything wrong with what they do and no one tells them otherwise. What about Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown! The Berenstein Bears & Dr. Seuss! Kind characters, consequences to stupid actions! What is happening to the world!? /end rant.