Wednesday, July 6, 2011

some things.

facing my new reality:
- eating is a now a major and time-consuming part of my day. in the past, hunger was just an annoyance to be ignored until i had time to eat. now, i feel guilty if i don't eat when i'm hungry, just in case the baby is in need of some nutrients THAT VERY SECOND. also, if i don't give him all his nutrients, he'll take it from the stored nutrients in my bones, which will end badly for me later in life, when my brittle bones break and crack.

- sitting for a long time: not a good idea. which, for me, is a little heartbreaking, because that seriously cuts in on my knitting time, which is quickly coming to a close, since i am trying to accept that after the baby comes, i may never knit again. (i approach his birthday with an equal mix of "the end of the world is coming..." and "BEST DAY EVER!!!" this knitting problem falls under the end of the world category.

- i always thought feeling sexy was irrelevant, and the marketing campaigns aimed at moms confused me. i thought to myself, "women are naturally sexy, and what difference does being a mom make?" now i get it. although my husband would argue, there is nothing sexy about being pregnant, and also, the reality is that i will never be the same after this. sure, my boobs are huge, but so is my belly. if i'm turning heads, it's because people think i'm way too young to be pregnant, and they're judging me. that, or they heard my stomach growling from across the building.

- here's a real truth that i've been sort of keeping to myself: i'm the first of my friends to have a baby. which leaves me in this situation: in order to stay relevant with my current friends and avoid growing apart, i must put my baby aside as much as i can, which is already going to be difficult as i'm finding i'll have to put him aside pretty often just to keep my job. or, i can find new friends who already have babies. on the off-chance that any of my friends ever read this, let's be honest: nobody likes that person who only talks about their baby or their kids, when you have neither. it's like listening to someone's stories about their trip to their grandma's house that lasted 5 years. i get it.

so, those are just a few a the things i've been wrestling with lately. on the bright side, however, i have finished a lot of really cute things in the baby's room.

we repainted that dresser, and the quilt on the wall is a growth chart that i made, following the pattern from the student teacher blog. i'll embroider his name at the top, and then embroider his measurements starting at the bottom and growing with him. at least, that's the plan. i might end up just writing the measurements on a post it note until he's 10 and then doing all the embroidery at once, hahaha.

this is a little hat. the colors in the photo really don't do it justice, because that yarn is probably the most beautiful yarn i've ever had. oh man. probably gonna make a little short sleeved sweater out of the rest of it, to go with the hat.

and, here's a jacket. it really needs a zipper, i guess, but i bought the wrong type and havent had the energy to go buy another one, and plus, fiddling with zippers on babies.... who needs it?

so there's that. see y'all in another 2 months.

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