Monday, October 26, 2009

holding on.

sometimes, i feel like my whole life spirals down all at one time, and i should just give up on the american dream and plant a garden so i can eat.

i hate emo blog posts. like everyone has nothing better to do than read your sad, sad little story about how your life sucks. mine doesn't really suck. i know god will provide all the things i need. (of course, the internet will be the first to go, in the event of a financial disaster.) but right now, in this moment, i feel like rolling over and letting it wash over me, with no resistance.

i knew the economic downturn would affect me eventually. i had just hoped it would be further down the road, and not on the heels of a car accident, right before my wedding day. i had hoped to be able to blame someone far away, like president obama, or an oil embargo. but, as these things usually happen, i can't really blame anyone, and i won't try to. life is hard, and i really do believe that all we can do is hold on to those we love, and work our hardest to rise above our circumstances.

so, that's what i plan to do.

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