Friday, October 2, 2009

even the 3 wolves have a market

a week or so ago, allison miller posted this link on twitter:
3 wolves shirt

it changed my life.

well, actually, i laughed for three whole minutes on a friday night. however, i was alone in my apartment, so laughing out loud was kind of ridiculous, if not life-changing.

i've been thinking a lot about being relevant lately. i know, 3 wolves shirt doesn't really scream relevance. but i'd love to jump into the internet and be relevant in some niche of my own. there's not really anything that hasn't been done before, so i'm not going for new and different. i'd prefer to be old and comfortable, like sweats that everyone has about 9 pairs of, because they're so great and they need all 9 pairs. there's always room for tried and true.

so, i'm thinking of tried and true areas of the internet:
1) politics. (i'm not really radical enough)
2) nerds. (not into video games enough.)
3) pets. (ahhhhh cat lady? NO)
4) cooking. (i guess i could fit in the "comedy cooking failure" section)
5) celebrity news (too far away from hollywood or new york)

anyway, i haven't landed anywhere yet. i've been wishing for my entire life that being heartfelt and honest would be enough, but i know it's not. 22 years has taught me that much. it's not so much the adolescent desire to "fit in" somewhere, as much as the "business school taught me the basics of marketing" and now i know i need a market.

let's be honest; we're all looking for a market.

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